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Posted by Yevhen Magda on 14/12/13
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Teaching the whole world “to get friends and to have impact on people” Dale Carnegie tried to make lemonade if the destiny presented him a lemon. It seems that the European Union and Ukraine have received such a chance.

Only two weeks have passed since the unsuccessful Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius took place during which Ukraine and the EU didn’t sign the Association Agreement. Having not managed to sustain the powerful economic pressure and political intimidation from Moscow our country was as Cinderella in the capital of Lithuania. But the development of events in Kyiv, on Maidan, which became the symbol of a peaceful protest, forced both European officials and the Ukrainian power to search opportunities for the renewal of the dialog more actively.

Last two weeks have turned into a painful, but rather effective work on mistakes.  Brussels got a chance to be convinced that Ukrainians not simply aspire to rapprochement with the European Union, but are also politically mature citizens of the country, capable of defending their rights during the most massive peaceful protests in the contemporary history. We can observe not only public manifestations of democracy on the central streets in Kyiv, but also secret negotiations of the power and the opposition directed at the search of ways of getting out of the crisis.

Meanwhile, the European parliament urged to not only give a powerful political signal of the EU’s readiness to sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine, but also declared readiness to quickly introduce a visa-free regime for citizens of our country. It is indicative that the European Parliament gave a task to the European Commission to develop counter-measures against Russia exerting powerful economic pressure upon Ukraine.

The EU commissioner for enlargement¬† and neighborhood policy Stefan Fule and the first vice-prime minister of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov agreed about the “road map” on the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The parties of the dialog confirmed they are determined to reach the signing of this document after it’s amended as soon as possible. Obviously, the working Verkhovna Rada which has a constitutional majority supporting rapprochement with Europe is necessary for Ukraine for this purpose.

It is indicative that financial questions weren’t discussed by Fule and Arbuzov. It is logical: when lemonade is made of a lemon, you shouldn’t get stuck on trifles.


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