Ukraine and perspectives of European integration

In the well-known novel “The Twelve Chairs” the charming speculator Ostap Bender defrauded money from trustful businessmen-nepmen under the slogan “The West Will Help Us”. It will be sad if the Ukrainian politicians will act using these same principles.

The Ukrainian political crisis forces its participants to make many mistakes. The problem is obvious – the present crisis is unprecedented for Ukraine, none of the politicians actually has experience of solving such large-scale problems. If the power suffers from its own inflexibility, inability to reach compromises, then representatives of the opposition seem to be extremely wasteful people. They didn’t manage to use the considerable potential of the protest. The leaders of the oppositional groups at the Maydan in the center of Kyiv didn’t manage to overcome the level of “the invited stars”. Having no control over the protestants, they are trying to find alternative opportunities for strengthening their influence over the situation.

Therefore, after the recent Munich security conference Vitaliy Klychko, Petro Poroshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who represented the Ukrainian opposition in the capital of Bavaria, came back in a good mood. You bet – they met with the United States Secretary of State John Kerry who called Ukraine the main European battlefield for democracy from the tribune of the conference. Yatsenyuk hastened to report that the countries of the West are ready to allocate 15 billion dollars to the new government which he will agree to head after the return to the Constitution of 2004. Arseniy Petrovych thus doesn’t take into account that his present political position depends too much on Yuliya Tymoshenko who allowed Yatsenyuk to formally become the second person in the “Batkivschyna”. Tymoshenko herself is categorically against the return to the Constitution of 2004 and basically against negotiations with the power. She looks forward to the opportunity of becoming an active political player again, and she doesn’t need the reduction of the presidential powers.

It is indicative that the leaders of the oppositional groups don’t conduct public negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych any more. The president successfully carried out the political counterattack, having offered the premier post to Yatsenyuk. Now in the opinion of the West Yanukovych looks like a politician capable of reaching a compromise and ready to concessions, and the oppositionists who turned out to be incapable of coping with their ambitions are losing their prestige. One day Yatsenyuk refuses to become the prime minister, then he agrees again, and this irritates both Tymoshenko, and partners of the leader of the parliamentary “Batkivschyna”. It is interesting to pay attention to such fact: the heads of the oppositional groups didn’t manage to determine a single leader of the protest who wouldn’t have presidential ambitions, although there are a lot of authoritative leaders for the Maydan.

Perhaps, as for today the main problem of the opposition is its excessive counting on the active participation of the West in the solution of the Ukrainian problems. Representatives of the oppositional forces expected sanctions from the US, but deprivation of the right to enter the territory of the US for certain officials is far from being the scale of actions capable of affecting the situation. Besides, the eurocommissioner for enlargement Stefan Fule declared that the EU has the strategy of influencing the Ukrainian crisis, which does not foresee the introduction of sanctions against Ukraine. And the resolution of the European Parliament isn’t that unambiguous, as some oppositionists expected. It means that the Ukrainian politicians, irrespective of their political affiliation, will have to negotiate and sit down to the round table to find the mutual way-out of the unprecedented crisis for our country. And they will have to do it on their own, without external assistance. The formula “The West Will Help Us” won’t work here.


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